“At times you might have a new product concept but not know how to transform it into a real product. This is when we can help you to unlock your power of imagination. As a world-class OEM service provider, we are dedicated to realizing your product concepts into high quality products via our one-stop product development service."

Make it real. Make it happen.

Since its founding, Jetta has given top priority to providing high-quality customer-oriented products and services. Jetta’s one stop service is perhaps what most distinguishes the company from other OEM providers. At Jetta, our fast, flexible, and complete one-stop engineering and manufacturing service is tailored to each individual customer throughout the entire product development cycle, all the way from concept design to final production stages. This seamless and unparalleled “Turn-key” development solution can transform our customers’ initial product design concepts into real, marketable and quality products within the shortest period of time. 

During the “Turn-key” development process, we provide comprehensive support to our customers with our “all-encompassing” capabilities in engineering and OEM manufacturing, including expertise in product concept design, concept breadboard modeling, tool fabrication, mold making, product validation, and product quality and safety (see Capability). Our experts work tirelessly to enhance product quality and reinforce our quality management system, and remains committed to bolstering customer satisfaction.  Combining with our extensive in-house equipment and manufacturing facilities (see Capacity), we are able to ensure that the quality of our products and services exceeds the expectations of our customers.  Through the years we won many appreciations from our customers by realizing their concepts into marketable products and increasing their potentials in the market.