From its inception as a small sub-contracting toy company in Hong Kong, Jetta has evolved over the past 36 years to become one of the world’s leading OEM manufacturers, specializing in product design, development, engineering and manufacturing.  At Jetta, our persistence in holding to the principles of INTEGRITY, EXCELLENCE, and SYNERGY is the key to sustaining our competitive advantage and creating value to our stakeholders. This is not the easy way of doing business, but we believe it is the way that has kept us ahead on the road to success. 

The following timeline shows the story of Jetta's corporate development, from its earliest stages to its most recent developments. The timeline captures the major events and milestones that have led to the Jetta of today.

Historical Timeline

  • Present - 2011
  • 2010 - 1995
  • 1977 - 1994
Present - 2011

Subsequently, Jetta established another company, Innvo Labs as a new division to market the new PLEOrb and other future similar products.  Innvo Labs is dedicated in designing and developing interactive life forms and robotic companion pets.

  • Jetta (Guangzhou) Industries Ltd. and Jetta (Guangdong) Industries Ltd. conformed to ISO 14001: 2015 Environmental Management System Standard.
  • Chairman Wong Tit-Shing was conferred with the “Industrialist of the Year Award 2011” by the Federation of Hong Kong Industries (FHKI).  The award recognizes distinguished industrialists for their commitment and contributions to industry and the community. 
  • All four Jetta facilities have participated in the Global Security Verification, a comprehensive supply chain security verification to determine appropriate minimum security measures, as published by the U.S. Bureau of Customs and Border Protection, are implemented and maintained throughout the facilities.
  • Jetta started to produce IR control units for video and audio equipment.
  • Jetta's fourth production base was established in Pan Yu, Guangzhou, China.
  • Two more Jetta's production bases were accredited under ISO 9001 : 1994 Certification.
  • Jetta's fifth production base was established in Shao Guan, Guang Dong, China.
  • Jetta was presented the Outstanding Award of Hong Kong Toy Industries.
  • Jetta started to produce construction site audio entertainment product.
  • Jetta was awarded a corporate certificate of ISO 9001 : 1994 in February.
  • Jetta's Chemical Laboratory has been assessed and proved to be in compliance with CNAL/AC01:2002 Accreditation Criteria for Testing and Calibration Laboratories.
  • Jetta has adopted the Balanced Scorecard approach since year 2001 to effectively measuring organizational performance and successfully implementing strategy.
  • Within a few years, business scale continued to grow rapidly in Jetta. Over 40,000 employees were employed at peak and total production area grew up to 2.5 million square feet. Jetta also started to manufacture robotic home cleaning equipment.
  • All five production bases had successfully renewed their ISO 9001 qualifications from ISO 9001 : 1994 to ISO 9001 : 2000 Certification.
  • To assure that Jetta's occupational health and safety performance meets the highest standards, all Jetta manufacturing facilities were OHSAS 18001 : 1999 certified since 2004.
  • All Jetta manufacturing facilities has achieved and maintained ICTI CARE Process Confirmation Seal since early 2004, which is a benchmarking tool for assurance in Code of Conduct (COC) standard.
  • Jetta's Headquarter Office in Hong Kong SAR was conformed to ISO 14001 : 2004 Environmental Management System Standard in April, 2004.
  • Jetta (China) Industries Company Limited Phase II Construction Project commenced at Pan Yu district of Guangzhou.
  • Two clean room facilities for electronic assembly were built in Jetta (China) Industries Company Limited, the production campus at Pan Yu Guangzhou. They began operation in July 2005. The grading of those rooms are rated Class 1,000 and Class 10,000 respectively.


  • Jetta was established in Hong Kong as a sub-contractor in the toy industry.
  • Jetta started to provide ODM services.
  • Jetta started taking OEM orders.
  • Following the opening up of Mainland China, Jetta relocated its factory further north to the PRC region.  The new environment posed many challenges especially regarding the workers. Most came from Mainland villages and therefore had to live in the production bases where they worked.  Jetta had to provide dormitories, canteens and amenities, and to help them adapt to the city environment and to assist with their leisure time activities.
  • Jetta’s first production plant in Guangzhou, China, with 25 China staff members, began operation.
  • Jetta's number of workers grew rapidly to 2000 workers, and operation area expanded to 17 thousands square feet.
  • As size grew rapidly, Jetta's second production plant was established in Guangzhou, China.
  • Jetta’s operation continued to expand rapidly. Its third production base operation commenced in Guangzhou, China.