At Jetta, knowing that INTEGRITY, EXCELLENCE, and SYNERGY are our core values, everyday our people bring these values to life by following the philosophy and culture of Jetta: 


We make decisions according to timeless principles.
We adopted the “Principle-centered” philosophy to lead our team to make decisions according to timeless principles such as integrity, quality, excellence, patience, fairness, and synergy.

We are continually learning.
We equip ourselves by continuous learning, imitating, facilitating, and implementing the latest and proven world-class management methods, systems, and tools. We believe that nurturing a culture of learning in our organization will strengthen our existing core competence as well as to exploit our full potentials to exceed the expectations of the market.

We are service-oriented.
We always see our customers as our partners and we aim to become their best supplier. We live in a win-win mentality and we synergize with our partners as a team to actualize our common goals together.

We believe in our employees.
We see our employees as our most valuable assets; we aid them to learn and grow, to bring out their full potentials and talents, and to exercise their teamwork capabilities. Internally, Jetta always places strong emphasis on employee training and development. Multiple training programs that cover culture, management & leadership, systems, staff caring and technical know-how are provided to employees. Distinguished examples are: “The 7 Habits for Highly Effective People” training (more than 5,000 participants over the past 10 years), four months “Jetta Certified Engineer” training program for fresh university graduates newly join Jetta (407 graduates were trained since 2001).

We lead balanced-lives.
We are committed to being a responsible employer and a socially and environmentally responsible corporate citizen, by creating prosperity and opportunity for others and contributing to the well being of all stakeholders.

 “Principle-centered” Philosophy