In today’s competitive and complex business conditions, Jetta need to concentrate on the issues that generate long term success.  Typically this means satisfying the customer, improving productivity and creating shareholder value along with creating an organization that can adapt and learn.

As such, Jetta has adopted the Balanced Scorecard approach since year 2001 to effectively measuring organizational performance and successfully implementing strategy. The Balanced Scorecard balances the historical accuracy and integrity of financial numbers with the drivers of future success.  The framework enforces a discipline around strategy implementation by challenging executives to carefully translate their strategies into objectives, measures, targets, and initiatives in four balanced perspectives: Financial, Customer, Internal Process and Learning & Growth.  Apart from being a measurement system, the Balanced Scorecard is also a strategic management system and powerful communication tool in alignment for organization.

Propositions on the four balanced perspectives


  • Our financial strategy is to control the production cost by increasing the efficiency of Jetta’s production operations. Utilizing and leveraging our resources appropriately will harness the full potential of our existing equipment, facilities and labor force. 


  • Our customer-focused strategy is to cultivate both external and internal customer satisfaction through effective communication and collaboration.
  • We seek mutual understanding with customers on issues and develop win-win solutions for all parties. This will help us to initiate, develop, implement and sustain best practices and improvements.
  • We respond with flexibility and agility to fast-changing customer demands, maintain the high quality of our products and services, and pursue professional and ethical conduct in serving our customers.

Internal Process

  • We continue to look for room to improve internal processes in costing, production planning, labor capacity planning, engineering, procurement, manufacturing, information systems and logistics.
  • We endeavor to create flawless and trouble-free production in each project cycle. This can significantly reduce the total product development time such that the final products can be delivered to customers on schedule.
  • We use common applications, systems and standards to improve data communications between plants, cross-plant capacity, flexibility and internal process interoperability.

Learning and Growth

  • Our continuous learning and growth strategy focuses on facilitating the acquisition, sharing and utilization of knowledge. This can be achieved through periodic benchmarking, experience sharing and best practice sharing among both internal and external customers.
  • We provide multiple training programs that cover management, culture, systems and technical know-how to our employees. These include engineering knowledge training for production staff, the implementation of a Jetta Certified Engineer (JCE) program, the Code of Business Conduct (COC) awareness promotion program, and personal development training.