As new technologies are being constantly introduced to the market, customer tastes change constantly which has led to reduction in overall life-cycle of products. Speed of product development and responsiveness to change is therefore essential to Jetta’s business. Jetta ensures its production facilities and equipment are scalable and flexible to accommodate the fast-changing demands from customers with different nature and size. 

As a world-class manufacturing capacity provider, Jetta comprises a complete set of in-house machineryand equipment utilities for OEM processes.  Headquartered in Hong Kong SAR, Jetta currently operates two major production campuses in Guangdong Province of Mainland China, together providing more than 4.5 million square feet of production area and employing a workforce of over 6000 employees at peak seasons. 

Thanks to the size of operation, Jetta has cost advantages in remaining competitive in today’s era by lowering its average cost per unit via economies of scales as output increases.  Through the interplay of learning and experience curve effect; strong collaboration with customers and suppliers; and a strong commitment to ongoing investment, Jetta is able to produce and deliver large volume of finished goods to customers and business partners within a short time frame at a reasonable price.  Jetta also has the agility and responsiveness to handle sudden rise of demands led by the conventional peak seasons.  Jetta’s export volume could reach container volume of over 5,000 TEU a month at peak, and up to 25,000 TEU a year.            

*TEU : Twenty-foot Equipment unit. (L20' x w8' x H8'6")