Jetta Company Limited is a leading Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) in the toy industry. Founded in 1977, Jetta has been dedicated to serving our customers and business partners in realizing their innovative product concepts and developing the best quality products in the market. Through the interplay of experienced, talented people; an organization with complete and integrated manufacturing facility; a strong commitment to excellence in engineering and OEM manufacturing service; and a responsible approach to business and social citizenship; Jetta has successfully become one of the most widely recognized organizations in the OEM manufacturing industry. 

The incorporation of advanced electronics and microprocessor technology and the increasing demands for sophisticated engineering designs in toys manufacturing has made it into a highly challenging industry. At Jetta, building on our high manufacturing capacity and capability with advanced engineering technology, we continue to create value and sustain our competitive advantage by developing OEM solutions with latest innovations and technologies embedded, and providing a broad range of quality service and products to our business partners in making the world a better place.