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If you have a product either in the concept stage or in the "ready-to-be-produced" stage and you are looking for a reliable partner to manufacture it, you have come to the right place. We are a well-established OEM supplier with strong design, development, engineering and manufacturing support.

Over the past years, we have been helping our business partners in manufacturing OEM products, from simple to very complex products, with the latest technologies embedded. Beyond this, we have successfully transformed many of our partners' product concepts into marketable products via our one-stop service.

We are blessed with a committed team sharing the same vision. Together we have overcome many obstacles and challenges and we continue to improve. Through the years we have gained confidence and won appreciation from our customers, suppliers and employees. We are glad to say that our customers always find us a valuable supplier partner. We have enjoyed working with them in the process of realizing their concepts and increasing their potentials.

Our remarkable team, with solid experience in various disciplines such as design, engineering, quality control and manufacturing, together with our large skillful labor force, has total commitment to our core values - integrity, excellence and synergy. With such commitment, we are able to exceed our customers’ expectation; we are able to respond quickly to customer demands, to market opportunities and to external threats. Jetta is based on solid foundations, foundations on which we grow, we lead, and we set new standards in this ever-changing industry.

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