Jetta has put engineering at the heart of everything we do. One of Jetta’s strongest assets is our team of talented and experienced engineers in mechanical, manufacturing, electronic and fabric engineering. They are dedicated to providing remarkable engineering services in design, prototyping, tool making, product validation and manufacturing set up. Such multi-disciplinary experience handles a wide range of products in both toys and non-toys industries and provides a competitive edge in engineering development over other manufacturers.

Key Engineering Services

  • “Turn-key Development” - Product development from concept or rendering stage
    Based on the product definition and specifications provided by the customer, Jetta can prove a design concept with analytical evaluation and breadboard models. After the design concept has been proved and agreed, Jetta will proceed with detailed engineering design. In addition to functional requirements, the design for efficient manufacture is incorporated into the engineering design process.
  • Engineering design with CAD/CAM
    To aid the design process, Jetta has extensive CAD facilities to work with different customers. Customers can provide product information in different formats including renderings, physical models and CAD files.
  • Project management
    Jetta allocates its engineers into special taskforces according to their knowledge, skills and techniques to execute projects efficiently and effectively in order to achieve project specific goals or produce a unique product within limited time and scope set by our customers. 
  • Product validation and on-spot engineering support
    Jetta's engineering team plays an important role in helping customers to resolve problems found during the validation process. Jetta's experience not only helps to put the new product into production on time but also ensures subsequent production can be carried out smoothly.
  • Applying contemporary methodologies
    Contemporary techniques, such JIT, demand flow technology (i.e. JFT - Jetta Flow Technology), pull system and statistical process control, are widely used in Jetta;

  • Prototyping
    In addition to traditional model making facilities, advanced prototyping facilities are installed including High speed SLS (Selective Laser Sintering) rapid prototyping machines for product design validation process;

  • Mold Making
    Jetta is capable of making high quality molds for complicated parts with tight tolerances.  They are crafted by experienced mold making designers with state-of-the-art-computerized mold making equipment integrated with CAD/CAM systems. 

  • Concurrent product development through Pro-E.

  • Metrology laboratory - computerized measuring equipment.

  • Specialized engineering team designs and makes jigs and fixtures, automated tooling and test equipment for use in production.
  • Specialized unit to provide Research & Development services for advanced product and process development.